GolfMania Fundraisers

Add some “fantasy” fun and excitement to this season’s golf majors and support The First Tee of Louisville’s mission

GolfMania is a fundraising hole-in-one! Sweepstakes participants have a 1 in 20 chance to win a prize – all based on the performance of 5 randomly assigned golfers from each of the 4 professional golf major tournaments.

GolfMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional golf’s 4 major championship tournaments. All sweepstakes game cards have an equal chance to win prize money based on the performance of the random golfers printed on the back. Game cards contain 5 random golfers in each of golf’s 4 major championships (you get 5 new golfers for each tournament).

Game cards are $20 each. 70% of your purchase price is a direct donation to The First Tee of Louisville.


To play the game, participants simply add up the total strokes by their 5 golfers. Prizes are awarded at the end of each tournament to the game cards whose 5 golfers have the best total combined scores. If your golfers don’t do so well, we also offer prizes for the cards with the worst total combined scores! There are 2,688 unique game cards, each of which has a minimum 1 in 20 chance to win a prize during the year. Depending on the group’s total score, you could win one of 18 cash prizes paid out for each major

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The Fine Print: GolfMania is a sweepstakes hosted by CharityMania, a silver partner of The First Tee. Each of your game card purchases also includes code you can use to download music from CharityStudios!